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Behavioral Services

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I've been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) since 2014, a New York State Licensed Behavior Analyst since 2018, and specialize in Applied Behavior Analysis with diverse learning populations.  It's my belief that all individuals can learn new habits & socially-significant behaviors throughout lifespan.  

Has your child received a recent Autism (or other developmental) diagnosis?

I offer services to complete initial assessments for children with an Autism diagnosis in order to receive ABA services via health insurance. In New York, it's a law that insurance these services must be covered. I will do all the initial work, and then the families can build a team of providers.  I am in-network with some insurance companies in NY.


Investment: Varies, due to the varying nature of needed assessments

Are you becoming a BCBA & need supervision hours?

Current guidelines state that 2000 Fieldwork Experience hours must be completed to be eligible for the BCBA exam.  Of those experience hours, 5% of them need to be supervised by a qualified supervisor in good standing.  

Investment: $150/ hour

Behavioral Consultation Temperature Check

We've all been there with kids.  Drained, overwhelmed, out-of-control.  Speak to a Behavior Analyst for tips and suggestions towards behavior management in the home.  

Investment: $125/ hour

Behavioral Services, NY

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