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Individual Hypnosis

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Individual Hypnosis, NY

Individual Hypnosis

Tailored to each persons unique problems and mindset, hypnosis is often done in a deep state of relaxation

to access and work within the subconscious.  This allows

for growth and change. 


Hypnosis can cause wonderful, dynamic changes in brain activity- when we allow ourselves to access a deep

state of relaxation, we are more open to hypnotic


Our subconscious processes information much faster

than our waking mind, which leads to deeper and

better healing.

Click the button below to fill out a Hypnosis Interest Form,

and your Hypnotist will reach out to you shortly after, so

we can schedule a date/time for your hypnosis.  

I provide Hypnosis at Riverworks in Ossining NY.  I'm available for sessions by appointment only, typically anytime 4-8pm, with additional times by request.  

A single session is valued at $125, or save money and purchase a 3-pack of sessions for $300.  Many people who use hypnosis find their issue/ problem fixed within the 3 sessions.  

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