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Individual Hypnosis, NY

Individual Hypnosis

Tailored to each persons unique problems and mindset, hypnosis is often achieved in a deep state of relaxation to access and work within the subconscious, which allows for growth and change. It depends on the identified problem. Hypnosis can cause dynamic changes in brain activity- when we allow ourselves to access a deep state of relaxation, we are more open to suggestion. Our subconscious processes information a million times faster than our waking mind, which leads to deeper and better healing.

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Group Hypnosis

Each week will focus on a theme or affirmation, a time to give yourself the muchneeded care and attention you require for optimal functioning.


The benefits of Hypnosis, with the added sense of community and belonging.

Group Hypnosis, NY
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HypnoBirthing, NY


Creating positive birthing experiences. Calm, gentle births = calm, gentle babies. Learn hypnotic techniques for a calm, gentle birth.


HyopnoBirhting moms report less pain and fear, fewer unnecessary medical interventions, happier & more alert babies and moms, and fewer cases of post-partum depression.

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Behavioral Services

I should be the 'first stop' after an Autism or ADHD diagnosis. I've developed a 6 week course to teach individuals with ADHD how to cope with their diagnosis and 'learn to learn.' I also offer services to complete initial assessments for children with an Autism diagnosis in order to receive ABA services via health insurance. In New York, it's a law that insurance these services must be covered. I will do all the initial work, and then the families can build a team of providers

Behavioral Services, NY
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