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“Release limiting beliefs and unnecessary fears for amazing things to happen“

I work with individuals to understand the root of the problem, and use techniques often within a deep state of relaxation towards growth and progress.

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Individual Hypnosis, NY

Alison Whiting 

I started to learn more about hypnosis about 10 years ago when I took NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) classes at the NLP Center of NY. At that time, experiencing hypnosis for myself made me to want to give that gift to others, so I took hypnosis classes.


My life-changing experiences with hypnosis has lead to decreased stress & anxiety, and increased life satisfaction and happiness.  I am a proud member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (Membership # 88257)

Individual Hypnosis, NY

Individual Hypnosis

Tailored to each persons unique problems and mindset, hypnosis is often achieved in a deep state of relaxation to access and work within the subconscious, which allows for growth and change.

Group Hypnosis, NY

Group Hypnosis

Each week will focus on a theme or affirmation, a time to give yourself the muchneeded care and attention you require for optimal functioning. The benefits of Hypnosis,

HypnoBirthing, NY


Creating positive birthing experiences. Calm, gentle births = calm, gentle babies. - Learn hypnotic techniques for a calm, gentle birth. HyopnoBirhting moms report less pain and fear,

Behavioral Services, NY

Behavioral Services

Insurance-funded ABA intakes & short-term ADHD Services. I should be the 'first stop' after an Autism or ADHD diagnosis. I've developed a 6 week course to teach individuals with ADHD how to cope with their diagnosis


My Approach

As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (+ NYS Behavior Analyst), I utilize evidence-based approaches with Hypnosis strategies to create socially-significant changes and progress for each individual.  A deep state of relaxation often leads to a greater ability to be open to suggestion and thus, change. During our session, it may be common to be asked to close your eyes for some exercises.  It won't take long for you to feel deeply relaxed. All hypnosis is self hypnosis- I am here to be your guide- you are in full control of everything you do, experience, and say.  

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As a performer, I've struggled with stage fright and anxiety which starts from morning of the show until the performance. Alison's hypnosis allowed my body to tap into rest and digest throughout the day in a few short sessions. My decreased anxiety led to an increase in focus and positive energy before and during my performances!

Christina P, 36

My hypnosis was life changing. I have never been able to address my relationship with food without feeling deprived or unsuccessful. I recommend everyone try this to reach any type of goal.

Holly F, 45

Experiencing hypnosis is the best decision I've ever made.  Trusting another person has always been hard for me, but learning to 'let go' and open up to happiness has been life changing!

Jacqueline M, 31

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